Thursday, 29 January 2009

A website of links to bluegrass information

Thanks to Willem Ruiter from Voorthuizen, the Netherlands - world-famous as the location for EBMA's annual European World of Bluegrass Festival - for news of a labour of love which he is building on the internet.

Willem, as well as being a great fan of bluegrass, is keen on using his computer for the benefit of the music. He is therefore working on a website, 'The home of the brave', which gives links to the websites of bluegrass bands in Europe, the US, and Australia, and of bluegrass magazines and media, associations, record suppliers, instrument makers, and other sites of bluegrass interest.

The site therefore makes available online much of the same kind of information which the EBMA's European Bluegrass Directory presents in print. The two sources complement one another - the Directory can include data which are not on the internet, while the website includes a great deal of information which is not confined to Europe. Check out Willem's website; it is well worth visiting.