Friday, 9 January 2009

Not G2

Thanks to Fred Bartenstein of the IBMA for this link to a video posted on YouTube by a contributor in Sweden.

No, the video doesn't show G2: it shows a trio (bass guitar, rhythm guitar, and electric lead guitar) picking 'Sweet Georgia Brown' and 'Bye bye blues' in a farmyard, with the tempo and percussive element coming from a tractor with the engine running.

It's good to see this return to the roots of country music. Electric instruments, of course, would not be allowed at a bluegrass event. We're not sure if there's been any ruling so far on diesel power...

Fred Bartenstein, among his many other accomplishments in bluegrass, conducts the annual IBMA Leadership Bluegrass classes. He did a similar fine job for the IBMA's International Summit meeting at World of Bluegrass 2008, and will do the same for the European Summit to be held in Bühl/Baden, south-west Germany, on 7-8 February 2009.