Thursday, 8 January 2009

MasterGrass Society events, 2009

Thanks to Dee Hallett of the British Bluegrass Music Association for the news that the MasterGrass Society meets at Café de Meester, Zuidbuurtseweg 57, 2381 AE Zoeterwoude, the Netherlands, on an intermittent basis throughout the year.

The MasterGrass calendar for 2009 begins next week on Wednesday 14 January with a jam session. Further jam sessions are scheduled for:
Wednesday 11 March
Wednesday 9 September
Wednesday 11 November

On Wednesday 27 May the MasterGrass Society will host the 11th MidWOB mini-Bluegrass festival as part of the programme of events in EWOB 2009. For more information please call +31-(0)71-5801537 or e-mail.