Thursday, 15 January 2009

European bluegrass videos welcome on ZGrass

Following the European Bluegrass Blog post of 29 Nov. 2008, Kris Trump, director of the ZGrass internet TV channel, reports:

The ZGrass website is up and running with some audio of our friends the Country Gentlemen, and we are still refining it each day. ZGrass will be streaming by 1 April 2009 and we look forward to getting video and promoting bluegrass artists from Europe. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

We can color correct, audio correct, and clean up a lot of old footage, but would prefer to have Beta SP or Pal to edit for broadcast. We can also convert a DVD for broadcast; but remember, the quality is not as good as tape.

ZGrass is the trade name of Bluegrass Music Channel, LLC ('The Company'). It is an innovative music video marketer and television programming service, with a niche focus on Bluegrass Music Worldwide. The Company has successfully developed partnerships with both local and national artists to provide a premier national showcase for their performances. ZGrass will deliver a programming impact to a grass-roots community of more than 76 million dedicated fans.

ZGrass develops, markets, and supports bluegrass music intensive video programming service for the IPTV industry. The Company owns, or has the right to exhibit, many hours of bluegrass video footage.

We hope you enjoy our dream of presenting the Bluegrass Music Channel to IPTV in the US, Europe, and Asia. Zgrass will change the way television is programmed forever. With our emphasis on the smaller, lesser-known groups, all music, all day, and all the time, you have video of your group; Zgrass will broadcast your music 24/7 throughout the World. 'Lil' Stars' are ZGrass's biggest stars.

Contact Kris Trump, director of ZGrass, by e-mail.