Monday, 15 December 2008

Roberto dalla Vecchia: new CD

Roberto Dalla Vecchia celebrates his ten-year musical career with a brand new album, Unknown legends, recorded at Magister Studio, Italy, and mastered at the Sound Lab, USA. He explains the title:

I have always admired those who work quietly to make the world a better place: people who dedicate their time, sometimes their entire lives, building bridges of love. These songs celebrate these unknown legends. It is my secret desire to follow their steps.

This is Roberto’s fourth album since Open spaces, ten years ago. Unknown legends shows his guitar work continuing to explore and expand in eleven strong instrumental compositions - a synthesis of American sounds and Mediterranean flavors, expressed with inventiveness, energy, and instrumental precision, always arranged with an attentive eye to tradition. It features Roberto (acoustic guitar and other string instruments), Enrich Novak (dobro), Paolo Bressan (whistles), Giovanni Costantini (cello), and Stefano Versolato (upright bass), and can be bought through CD Baby.

For further info, contact

Roberto Dalla Vecchia
Via Scaramuzza 14
36100 Vicenza
Tel. +39 0444 505 183; fax +39 0444 917 439