Friday, 19 December 2008

JB's Band tour, May 2009

Jean-Blaise Rochat (F/CH) is putting together a European tour for 'JB's Band' (featuring Raymond McLain, Mike Stevens, Tom Gray, Joost van Es, and himself) in the second half of May 2009. Some dates are already booked for the Netherlands and Germany, and bookings in other countries are welcome.

J.-B. released a two-CD album last year, JB's Band (featuring Bill Clifton, Mattias Malcher, and many others), which can be bought by PayPal from his website. Bill Clifton (who was inducted into the IBMA Hall of Fame this year) says:

Personally, I am honored to have been a small part of JB’s Band, and the more I listen to these discs, the more they brighten my days!

A demo of JB's Band in the configuration which will be used for the May tour is available. Contact

Jean-Blaise Rochat
Chemin de la Bruyère 10
CH-1197 Prangins