Monday, 1 December 2008

An invitation from the EWOB Festival

Liz Meyer reports:

Dear Friends,

CONGRATULATIONS! Your brand-new EWOB Festival website has just been launched and it's online! You'll recognise the lovely artwork at the top, but the whole website is new, with lots of terrific new features.

Welcome to the European World of Bluegrass!

LISTEN TO THE MUSIC! You can hear clips from the 10 years of European World of Bluegrass double CD - all 48 tracks! Read review quotes, and find all the info you need in our Festival Info and FAQ pages. Visit our Photo Gallery and add your comments and info. Help us identify the people in the photos! Send us your favorite EWOB photos and stories. Become an EWOB Festival Volunteer - or Sponsor!

We have lots of great ideas for the website, and we hope you'll e-mail us with your suggestions and requests. This website is for you! Let us know what you'd like to see. (And please let us know if anything doesn't work perfectly!) Sign our Guestbook!

TELL YOUR FRIENDS! It's time to visit, open the music player, and discover European bluegrass! Most of all, you'll want to join our EWOB mailing list to keep up with important EWOB news and info!

Visit the new EWOB Festival website now!


In 2008, Strictly Country Records' beautiful double CD, 10 years of European World of Bluegrass, shot straight to #1 on the Folk Radio charts in the USA and Canada! The music world got its first taste of European bluegrass - and they love it!

Here's a special low price for a 2-hour bluegrass tour of Europe that you'll enjoy for years from the comfort of your easy chair. 10 years of EWOB is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys bluegrass music - a banjo-laden ramble through such exotic lands as the Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Sweden, and Slovenia, along with some of your favorite American touring artists. (Hear audio clips, read CD info and review quotes on our new EWOB website!)

SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER: Until 1 January, buy one double CD (10 years of European World of Bluegrass) at regular price, and get 30% off + free shipping on each additional CD. This offer is good only by direct e-mail.

Listen to music now!


Band applications for the EWOB Festival 2009 are just closing (1 Dec.). Our Program Committee will be very busy listening to all the demos in the coming weeks! Bands selected to perform at EWOB 2009 will be contacted in late January, and we'll announce the program as soon as it is finalised.

Our thanks to the Thirsty Lizards for their terrific work on the website!

Discover European bluegrass! The adventure begins here.

Warm regards,
Liz Meyer

10 years of European World of Bluegrass (2-CD set):
'The language of Bluegrass transcends borders on this collection. For your introduction into the European World of Bluegrass, this is the place to start your world tour!' ~ Folkwax, USA