Friday, 19 December 2008

Greetings from Andy Glandt

Musician and songwriter Andy Glandt (D) reports:

Hi everybody,

Another good year is over. I started some new projects and some new shows. I'm working on a new CD and hope to release in March. I'll let you know.

But now I wish you all, also in the name of my family and my musician colleagues, a Merry Christmas and for 2009 all the best, especially good health.

Andy's career manifestations include appearances solo or as leader of the Fox Tower Bluegrass Band, 3unterwegs, Familienprogramm, Kinderprogramm, Program for children, Piece of Cheese, and Kralik & Glandt. Heike Besen and Andy perform as Lady Sou and the Singing Banjoman, who can be seen on YouTube.

Other videos of Andy in action are here, including a jam at the Vilnius Bluegrass Festival 2008 with Jiri Kralik and many others. Contact Andy via the website or by telephone (+49-3641-331001; +49-172-941-3523).