Friday, 5 December 2008

Bluegrass in the Czech Republic

Brance Gillihan of the original Bluegrass Blog draws attention today to the blog sauerkrautcowboys, run by Ruth Ellen Gruber, an American writer living in Europe. Her blog is subtitled 'Sturm, twang, and the imaginary Wild West in Europe'.

Recent posts have dealt with Karl May, the new EWOB Festival website, and the Italian Old West Shooting Society. The latest (dated 4 December) refers to 'Pickin' and grinnin': Far from its home in the American South, a thriving bluegrass scene', an article written by Darrell Jónsson for the 3 December issue of the Prague Post. Jónsson's article is about the bluegrass scene in the Czech Republic, includes snippets from an interview with Jakub Racek of Monogram, and quotes Ruth Ellen Gruber herself as saying:

Of all European countries, east or west, it is the Czech Republic where country and especially bluegrass have been most totally assimilated, or reinvented, as genuine local traditions.

Read Brance's post, which quotes from both Darrell Jónsson and Ruth Ellen Gruber.