Saturday, 29 November 2008

Banjo Newsletter: 35 years of achievement

Nancy Nitchie and her son Donald accept the Distinguished Achievement Award, with Tony Trischka (left), who gave the introductory address.

The most important periodical for banjo players was founded by Hub Nitchie and his wife Nancy in 1973 as The Monthly Newsletter: The 5-String Banjo, renamed Banjo Newsletter in February 1974. After Hub passed away in October 1992, his son Donald took over as editor, with Nancy as business manager; later their other son, Spencer, joined her. Together they started work on the Maryland Banjo Academy in 1997.

Maryland Banjo Academy

At the IBMA's World of Bluegrass 2008 in Nashville, Banjo Newsletter received a Distinguished Achievement Award at the Special Awards Luncheon. Thanks to Lilly Pavlak for these photos. Lilly recalls:

Nancy and Hub are (were) about my oldest bluegrass friends. I met them at the Bean Blossom festival in 1976, and then again in Carlisle at the Banjo Jamboree in Canada later on. They brought me with their car back to New York for my flight to Europe.

At that time Spencer was a little boy. I can still remember Hub shawed his hair and used some kind of spray to color his head green, so he looked like the green cover of his magazine. Nancy and Donald are still my good friends.

Lilly Pavlak and Nancy Nitchie (with Strictly Country magazine) outside the IBMA trade show stand at World of Bluegrass 2008