Friday, 7 November 2008

Apply now for EWOB Festival 2009, 21-23 May

Liz Meyer writes:

*Your band can perform for festival bookers, agents, concert promoters, radio DJs, and music press from all over Europe! (And a wonderful bluegrass audience too!)
*Your band can compete for the European Bluegrass Band Awards! 'You gotta be in it to win it!'
*You can vote for the winning bands! Remember, only the musicians playing at the EWOB Festival vote for these awards!
*The #1 European Bluegrass Band goes to Nashville to showcase at IBMA the following October!
*You can cast a vote of pride in European bluegrass!

Join us at the European World of Bluegrass Festival 2009! Band applications are on the EWOB Festival website. And we will launch a brand-new, fantastic festival website in a few days, too!

EWOB 2009 will be the 12th European World of Bluegrass Festival; will be held in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands; and is organized under the auspices of the European Bluegrass Music Association. The European World of Bluegrass Festival is the only European festival ever to be honored with the IBMA Bluegrass Event of the Year Award.


Have you heard our wonderful double CD? Did you know that European bluegrass hit #1 on the Folk Radio charts in the USA this spring? 10 years of European World of Bluegrass is a great way to tell your friends about EWOB and the wonderful music there: let them hear the best of ten years of EWOB Festival recordings! They won't want to miss the EWOB Festival!

And it's a great way to support European bluegrass! For American bands: a thriving European bluegrass scene creates a strong market for touring US bluegrass bands and companies that would like to come over and earn some Euros! We're all in this together. And you should hear what your fellow bluegrassers are up to on the other side of the puddle!

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America and Europe join hands: 48 bands ~ 15 lands
Produced by Liz Meyer for Strictly Country Records
The #1 CD on Folk Radio in the USA & Canada: April 2008
Available through CD Baby

'The festival to end all festivals, on an outstanding 2-disc set' ~ Maria Morgan Davis, Lonesome Road Review & Bluegrass Now

'This remarkable collection adds a significant new chapter to bluegrass history, and a wealth of excellent music in many styles. 10 years of European World of Bluegrass is certainly destined to become to European bluegrass what Will the circle be unbroken is to American bluegrass. This vision is clearly shared by radio and press' ~ Hilary Bean, Roots & Sprouts, Germany

'A fabulous collection showcasing incredible talent and commitment to traditional bluegrass. The most pleasant surprise is the high level of musicianship evident in the European bands. These musicians have done their homework and they clearly demonstrate a remarkable ability to understand and play the subtle fundamentals of a complex music born so many miles from their home' ~ Bob Mitchell, Louisville Music News, Kentucky, 5-star review; Best of Bluegrass, Radio Bluegrass International

'The compilation is nothing short of awesome, mixing the European and American bluegrass families to give the world this most complete taste of the bluegrass genre' ~ R.W. Shamy, TwangCast Media, Georgetown, Texas

'Maybe world peace can start with a banjo intro' ~ Liz Meyer

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