Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Half a Turn teaches bluegrass

Half a Turn (Bruno van Hoek, Elly Beurskens, Peter Broekhuijsen, Paul van Vlodrop)

Elly Beurskens of the Dutch band Half a Turn reports that last August the band organised a workshop-weekend in the Eifel region of Germany - total immersion in bluegrass for 48 hours, with fourteen 'students' taking part. The schedule included classes in banjo, mandolin, guitar, harmony singing, and the vital matter of band cooperation and dynamics, together with individual tuition, jamming, and an evening concert.

The intense Eifel weekend was so successful that the band plans to repeat it every year, and to give similar tuition in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries. A specimen comment by one of the participants:

The workshop on band cooperation made us listen to our own band in a very different way: we now know how to evolve from a 'fun band' to a 'good band'.

For more detail, see the full text of Elly's report in the next issue of Bluegrass Europe, or contact Half a Turn by e-mail.