Friday, 26 September 2008

Europe at the IBMM's ROMP, June 2008

Red Wine and G2 on the ROMP stage at Owensboro

At the International Bluegrass Music Museum's ROMP (River Of Music Party) festival in Owensboro, KY, this past summer, European bluegrass was well represented by Red Wine (Italy) and the G2 Bluegrass Band (Sweden; #1 European Bluegrass Band 2007).

Thanks to Jens Koch, banjo-player of G2, for photos from ROMP, where Christopher Olsson (lead vocals and guitar) held the guitar workshop, together with Skip Cherryholmes and Jim Hurst, and Tobias Strömberg (dobro) the dobro workshop, together with Andy Hall. Jens adds:

We met our good Italian friends from Red Wine – it's always so nice to meet Martino, Silvio, Luca and Stefano. These fellows asked us to join them onstage for 'I'll stay around' during their set. Fun! When it got close to us, dark clouds conquered the sky, which made us worried - the night before, the show had to be cancelled when the storms came and gave ROMP a real shower. However, as we entered the stage, the sun was shining again. (Is this good luck or what?) Our show went well and the crowd was awesome! ... When the 'Dusters asked us up to join them for their two last songs, we all agreed that there couldn't be a better ending on our amazing US tour.

Jens's full day-by-day account of G2's tour in the USA, in three instalments, can be read on the band's website.

The Infamous Stringdusters and G2 (photo by Darwin Davidson)