Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Country & Western Friends present US bands

Chad Graves and Becky Buller of Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike

Thanks to Friedrich Hog, vice-president of the Country & Western Friends Koetz 1982 e.V., for news of the association's upcoming presentations: Sawmill Road (USA) (Steve Spurgin, Dick Brown, Bruce Johnson, Charlie Edsall, Mark Miracle) at 20.00 on Friday 14 November 2008 in the Pfleghofsaal, 89129 Langenau bei Ulm, Germany; and Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike (USA) at 20.00 on Saturday 13 December in the Sch├╝tzenhaus, 89340 Leipheim - the Friends' Christmas concert.

Full press releases in German can be read here:

Sawmill Road
Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike

and a picture of Sawmill Road is here.