Friday, 12 September 2008

Bluegrass in Czech Paradise, 29-30 Aug. 2008

The Log

Thanks to Lilly Pavlak for a report and photos on the 5th Annual Traditional Bluegrass Festival - the biggest traditional bluegrass festival in Europe - held on 29-30 August in the celebrated beauty spot 'Czech Paradise' near Jicin, about 100 km north-east of Prague. The local natural marvels include the Prachov Rocks.

The festival was organised in the 'Sklar' recreation area by the traditional bluegrass lover Jirka Toman, owner of the Modra Struna (Blue String) record label. In a total of nineteen hours over the two days, twenty-five bands (mostly Czech) performed, including Bluegrass Cvrkot, Goodwill, Peter O. Ruby with all Bells & Whistles, Country Cocktail with the legendary Kristufek (Krishot) Brothers and Dennis Schut, Dessert, the Petr Brandejs Band, New River Train, Blackjack, Jirka Kralik & Rowdy Rascals, G-Runs & Roses, Kreni, and Sunny Side. Lilly adds:

A nice surprise was the spontaneous reunion of the band Modrina (the Bruise), after fifteen years. Their new name is Blue Rej and for me they had the best vocals of the night. This festival really deserves more publicity and recognition, not only as a musicians' meeting at the end of the festival season. For me it is a unique event in Europe. So let’s hope more visitors will find their way there next year. Thanks, Jirka Toman!

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