Wednesday, 10 September 2008

3rd Bluegrass Fest, 10-11 October 2008

Thanks to Agentura Camille for the news that the third Bluegrass Fest, the international festival of bluegrass and acoustic music in Bratislava, Slovakia, will be held this year in October - Friday 10th and Saturday 11th - at the same venue: Culture House Zrkadlovy Haj.

Twenty-three excellent bands from six countries will play a wide range of bluegrass and related music, including the Lonesome Mountaineers (Sweden), Czas Na Grass (Poland), and Acoustic Quartet and Banjo Jumping Band (both from Hungary). Many Czech bands will perform: Garcia, Reliéf, Monogram, Slávek Hanzlík & Groovy Lix, Křeni, Blackjack, Petr Brandejs Band, Vabank Unit, BG Cwrkot, Bluegrass Comeback, and Bluegate. The domestic Slovak bluegrass scene will present Meantime, Union Citygrass, Grasscountry and Allan Mikusek with guest Peter Dula, Šidlo, Fairway, and Bluegrass Time. Two international bands will perform: Eliska Ptackova & Waterflow (CZ/SK) and Stressed Hedgehog (US/SK).

The bands taking part can be heard by visiting the festival profile at this link. Ten per cent of the revenue from each ticket will be donated to the Peter Dula foundation Keeping the dream alive. More information (with English translation) is on the Bluegrass Fest website.