Friday, 12 September 2008

10th Sunny Mountain Bluegrass Festival, 6 Sept. 2008

Posters and photos from ten Sunny Mountain festivals

Thanks again to Lilly Pavlak for a report and photos of the tenth Sunny Mountain Bluegrass Festival, organised by the Swiss band Sunny Mountain Grass at Stettfurt, Switzerland, in a new venue: a big barn near the Lommis castle. Lilly adds:

We were very happy for the nice shelter, because it was raining most of the time... Although the weather was really terrible, the festival was very well attended.

Four bands took part, each playing one set in the afternoon and one in the evening: the Swiss old-time band Big Stone; a new Swiss formation, Bluegraze, who made a big impression with their two female singers; the Sunny Mountain Grass themselves; and finally the Slovak formation Meantime, well known for their appearances at last year's IBMA Fan Fest and the EBMA's EWOB Festival.

Between the two halves of the festival the banjo, its history, and its different styles, were demonstrated, and a jam on stage brought the successful event to a close.

The final jam