Friday, 8 August 2008

Lovell Sisters play in Europe in September 2008

Joen Moen from Edvins Records and Consertevents in Norway kindly reports:

CD When forever rolls around out in Europe 18 AUGUST 2008, produced by Brent Truitt (Dolly Parton/Union Station).

The Lovell Sisters (US) are the three sisters Jessica (22), Rebecca (19), and Megan (16). They play the perfect mixture of folk, country and pop music.

The girls are rumoured to be America's new Dixie Chicks, as well as being compared to Alison Krauss and Nickel Creek. Playing fiddle, dobro and mandolin while singing 3 part harmonies in world class, simply amazing for their age. The debut album When forever rolls around produced by Dolly Parton's long-time friend and guitarist, Brent Truitt, gave the girls great reviews and the girls were recognised with great talent.

A talent which brought them all the way to the office of Lyric Street Records who could offer them a big contract and lots of opportunities.

They said no.

They did not want to be dictated here and there, be told which clothes to wear or be pushed into the more streamlined country music. Rather they wanted to keep their own style and keep developing. A style which has left countless of those have seen them in concert speechless. Among those Chris Martin, head of one of the world's best guitar makers, who proclaim after seeing them:

'I knew as I sat there in that hotel room "venue" with only 12 other people, that I was witnessing musical history. They are born stars and very gifted musicians.'

Based on the good response the sisters got last year when they visited Ireland and Norway, it was decided they had to come back. What was originally meant to be just a small visit to Europe now has developed into a full European tour, and the release of the sisters' debut album in Europe.

When forever rolls around is released in Europe through Edvins Records / Musikkoperatørene 18 August 2008.

31 aug - Lundetangen pub, Skien, Norway
02 sep - Dokkhuset, Trondheim, Norway
03 sep - Hydranten, Hamar, Norway
04 sep - Sandnes Kulturhus, Sandnes, Norway
05 sep - Lila Eule, Bremen, Germany
06 sep - Picnic Festival, Namur, Belgium
07 sep - Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
10 sep - Bluegrass in Basel, Basel, Switzerland
11 sep - Nachtasyl (Thalia Theater), Hamburg, Germany
12 sep - Global, Copenhagen, Denmark
13 sep - Malmö, Sweden
14 sep - Kick Scene, Protestfestivalen, Kristiansand, Norway
15 sep - Logen Teater, Bergen, Norway
16 sep - Nøtterøy Kulturhus, Nøtterøy, Norway
17 sep - Rockefeller with/ILA AUTO, G2 Bluegrass, Elwood Caine, THUBB og Lucky Lips.), Oslo, Norway

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