Thursday, 17 July 2008

Valerie Smith tour begins, 20 July

The tour of England, Ireland, and Germany by Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike begins on Sunday 20 July. Full details are on the band's MySpace site. Rainer Zellner of the Music Contact agency says:

Since my first tour with VS&LP in 2002, I have had the pleasure to work with this professional high-class band. In musicianship and entertainment quality they can hold up with the best in the genre.They never leave the stage without enthusiastic calls for encores and standing ovations. Through their consistent returning to Europe they built a dedicated audience for themselves and were a strong force in helping to introduce bluegrass music as a musical form on a high level.

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike consists of lead singer and bandleader Valerie Smith, Becky Buller (vocal, fiddle, clawhammer banjo, guitar, and as a principal songwriter in the group), Bobby Davis (bass and fiddle), Chad Graves (resophonic guitar, vocals), and Eric Lambert (guitar, mandolin).