Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Highlights of EWOB Month 2008: part 3

Text and photos by Lilly Pavlak; Lilly's account of Tony Trischka's tour with Druha Trava continues -

The last gig was an opening concert for the Festival Jamboree in Strakonice, Thursday night. It took place in a beautiful old castle yard. Czech band Blackjack opened the evening, followed by Slavek Hanzlik & Groovy Lix. Slavek’s Czech band consists of the Jahoda brothers from band Monogram, Jarda on banjo and Zdenek on mandolin, the youngest Malina brother Josef on fiddle, and Pavel Peroutka, bass player of the band Relief. They played Slavek’s beautiful music.

Slavek Hanzlik

Robert Krestan of Druha Trava started with some songs of Bob Dylan from his last album, Dylanovky. For 'Farewell Angelina' he invited Tony to join them on the stage. They played together Dylan’s 'Nashville Skyline Rag', and from then on it was a firework display of banjo music. Many encores followed. It was almost midnight and Tony had to leave at 4 a.m. to catch his flight back to the States. The tour was so incredibly successful, he is already thinking of coming back to the Czech Republic in August...

Friday: the festival continued with a Celtic afternoon on the castle yard. The main program in the evening took place in the summer theatre, with the bands Flash Back, Sem Tam, Grasscountry Drive, Blanket, Country Cocktail, Poutnici, and Cop. The headliners were Pavel Bobek, an old country star with Robert Krestan and Malina Band (3rd edition of Lubos Malina Band).

Rawhide with Lilly

Saturday headliners the Infamous Stringdusters (USA) and Rawhide from Belgium arrived in the late afternoon and were part of the countless jam sessions till the dawn.

The Stringdusters jamming with Czech and Slovak musicians

To be concluded