Friday, 4 July 2008

Grasstowne in Sweden and Finland

Grasstowne: front, Alan Bibey (mandolin), Steve Gulley (guitar), Phil Leadbetter (dobro); rear, Jason Davis (banjo), Jamey Booher (bass)

Bluegrass supergroup Grasstowne (USA) will be playing five dates in Scandinavia, beginning tomorrow at the Torsaker Bluegrass Festival. The full schedule, as shown on their tours page, is:

Sat. 5th July: Torsaker Bluegrass Festival, Torsaker, Sweden
Sun. 6th July: Torsaker Church, Torsaker, Sweden
Tues. 8th July: Saterdalen, Sater, Sweden
Wed. 9th July: Helsinki, Finland
Thurs. 10th: Tantogarden, Sweden

Thanks to the Bluegrass Blog for this news. A report on the tour is expected from Grasstowne on their return to the USA.