Tuesday, 22 July 2008

10 years of EWOB on air in Virginia

Liz Meyer passes on news from Garry Morse, presenter of the Lost Music Saloon record show on WRIR in the USA. Garry's show on 21 July, broadcast at 5.00-7.00 p.m. EST (23:00-01:00 Continental time; 22:00-12.00 Britain and Ireland) consisted of thirty-one tracks, all by European artists. Twenty-two of them were taken from the 10 years of EWOB compilation on Strictly Country Records:

Fragment, 'Fields of gold' (Czech and Slovak Republics)
Kreni, 'Cool night' (Czech Republic)
Zbynek Buresz w/Chris Jones & the Czech Drivers, 'Blue yodel #4' (Czech Rep)
Rawhide, 'The typewriter' (Belgium)
Liz Meyer w/Nugget, 'I've got a feeling' (USA/Austria/Czech Republic)
Red Wine, 'Winter's come and gone' (Italy)
Footprints, 'Nazaj U Mesto' (Slovenia)
Blue Cartel, 'Sunrise' (Belgium)
Fifty Fingers, 'Blue lonesome wind' (Czech Republic)
Springfield, 'Paul and Silas' (France)
Bill Clifton & Pick Of the Crop, 'Little whitewashed chimney' (USA/Netherlands)
Roll's Boys, 'Rough edges' (Czech Republic)
Blueland, 'Simple life' (Slovak Republic)
Album, 'Right on the money' (Czech Republic)
4-Wheel Drive, 'All I have to do is dream' (Netherlands/Germany/Belgium)
Jussi Syren & the Groundbreakers, 'Life of a steel driving man' (Finland)
Downhill, 'Joe Hill' (Sweden)
Looping Brothers, 'New mandolin breakdown' (Germany)
Relief, 'Calm the storm' (Czech Republic)
Stroatklinkers, 'Zoltkamp' (Netherlands)
Monogram, 'Big spike hammer' (Czech Republic)
Meantime, 'Say that you are wrong' (Slovak Republic)

Other Lost Music Saloon playlists can be seen here. Liz recommends all European bands to send their CDs to

Garry Morse
Lost Music Saloon
PO Box 3913
Chester, VA 23831

EXTRA: 10 years of EWOB has hit #1 on Folk Radio in the USA this summer!