Friday, 7 November 2008

Roberto dalla Vecchia: CD and concert news

Roberto Dalla Vecchia ('Flatpicking Guitar with Italian Gusto') has been working on his new CD Unknown legends, due for release on 28 November 2008. It celebrates, in Roberto's words, 'all the people around the world working hard everyday to make this world a better place. They will never make the news and they don't really care about that.'

Other musicians on the CD are Stefano Versolato (upright bass), Henrich Novak (dobro), Paolo Bressan (whistles and bombo), and Giovanni Costantini (cello). Photos from the recording studio can be seen here, and all the tracks can be heard here. Roberto will be doing workshops about the CD in the next few months, talking about the whole process of recording an acoustic guitar CD: choice of tunes, arrangements, recording studio set up, etc.

You can practice your Italian on an interview with Roberto on the popular blog 'Vicenza Popolare'. Roberto's free tab page will soon be updated, and he invites requests for tunes to be tabbed.

His concert and workshop schedule is as follows:

Sat. 20 Dec. 2008: Teatro Sociale, Cittadella (PD), Italy: concert 21:00

Fri. 9 Jan. 2009: Akustik Gitarre Forum, Hallein, Austria; concert

Fri. 23 Jan. and Sat. 24 Jan. 2009: Soldiers' Theatre, Vicenza, Italy; concert 19:30 (both nights)

Sat. 31 Jan. 2009: UnpluGGed Chitarre, Milan, Italy; workshop

Sat. 28 Mar. 2009: 5 vicenzAcustica, Vicenza, Italy

Mon. 6 Apr.-Sat. 11 Apr. 2009: 24th Acoustic Music International Workshop, Virton, Belgium

Roberto's link of the month is of special interest to guitar players in Europe as it offers a digital subscription to the magazine for about half the price of a hard-copy subscription, without postage problems, etc.; also the link includes downloadable instructional books and 'backup tracks' as audio mp3 files.

Drop Roberto a line or sign the Message Board when you call at his website.