Saturday, 14 June 2008

New Niall Toner Band CD

The new CD NTB3 from the Niall Toner Band (IRL) is out today, 14 June. The release was delayed by the inclusion of a video, shot at Athy Bluegrass 2007 by Kate Bradbury, and a bonus track, 'Nun's Island Reel', aka 'The Real Reel', an Irish-style tune composed by Niall in the early '90s, and now included in Grand Theft Auto IV, the biggest selling video game in history. The tune will soon be available worldwide as a ringtone - it already is in the USA.

NTB3 is available in all good record shops from today, and it and the two previous NTB CDs are also available on i-Tunes, via Amazon, from Bardis Music, or by post from the Niall Toner Band website. The band, which took part in the 2008 EWOB Festival, also has a MySpace site.