Sunday, 1 June 2008

Four Wheel Drive at Kötz Festival

Joost van Es (fiddle), Jurgen Biller (banjo), Ulli Sieker (mandolin), Jan Michielsen (guitar), Alfred Bonk (bass)

The Country & Western Friends Koetz 1982 e.V., dedicated to fostering and promoting country music, held their 25th Internationale Kötzer Country Music Festival on 23-4 May, with six international bands and over 600 fans in the Kötzer Günzhalle, Kötz, Germany.

The festival presents a wide spectrum of country music. Bluegrass has always been a important part, and US artists such as the Nashville Bluegrass Band, Weary Hearts, and Jim Eanes have played there in the past, as well as many major European bluegrass bands.

This year the Kötz audience gave a great reception to Four Wheel Drive (NL/D/B), with Ulli Sieker of the Looping Brothers on mandolin. Peter Wroblewski, president of the Country & Western Friends, says: 'Never before had a bluegrass band such success at our festival!' A full account of the festival (in German) is on the Friends' website, together with many photos.

Joost van Es (fiddle) will be playing for the Friends again in July as a member of the Gail Davies Band at the Pfleghofsaal, Langenau.

Peter Wroblewski and Joost van Es