Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bluegrass Europe #77

Bluegrass Europe is a bi-monthly magazine provided free to members of the EBMA in Europe and abroad. It is the first and only magazine dedicated to bluegrass music in Europe. Written in English, Bluegrass Europe is printed and bound with the German Bluegrass Bühne and the Dutch Strictly Country. The three journals appear together under one cover and are all included in EBMA membership. For a free sample, contact Paolo Dettwiler or visit the EBMA website.

Features in the December 2010-January 2011 issue*

Bluegrass Europe #77: EBMA Jubiläums Konzert; EBMA news (new mission statement, future of Bluegrass Europe, and much more); European bluegrass news; Petr Brandejs, 'G-Runs 'n Roses: flying high' (cover feature); Smoketown Strut (contd); 6th Picnic Festival; EBMA's European bluegrass guide

Strictly Country #239: 40 jaar SC Festival; Veranderingen; Mother's Best!; Bluegrassduinen; News, views, and reviews; New releases; The Ted Clark story; Labeldiscografie - REM Records, Aragon Records; RG & Kate; Gonna shake this shack tonight...; Bluegrass Unlimited national bluegrass survey; Bluegrass bevalt; SCR

Bluegrass Bühne #180: Editorial; GBMA news; Vorschau; Veranstaltungs-Echo; Tønder Festival (cover feature); Reisebericht Eberhard Finke; Weihnachtsecke; MeckerEcke; Summertown Road; Meetings; Termine; news and reviews

The EBMA's concert and festival calendar is in the centre section.

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