Tuesday, 8 April 2008

EWOB CDs get warm welcome

Liz Meyer of Stricly Country Records reports that Bob Mitchell, respected music critic and radio presenter in Louisville, KY, has given the new 2-CD set 10 years of European World of Bluegrass (SCR-66) a warm welcome: '... it is fabulous! You should feel very proud - you can be sure it will get a lot of air play.'

The CD European World of Bluegrass 2007 (SCR-65) has been reviewed in the new issue of Bluegrass Now magazine by David Dees, who concludes:

When someone begins to worry about the future of bluegrass, they should play this CD. And there are two very good reasons for American bluegrass bands to listen to this disc: 1) to discover some very good new songs, and 2) to hear how good their competition has become!

Read the full review here. Info on all the EWOB CDs is here. Liz sums up with reference to 10 years:

We finally have the perfect vehicle to show the world that European bands can play really great bluegrass!