Monday, 17 March 2008

European Bluegrass Directory 2008/2009

Paolo Dettwiler, chairman of the EBMA, reports:

The EBMA is currently working on the next issue of the well known and widely used European Bluegrass Directory, the seventh, heavily updated edition for 2008/2009.

For the second time we will be giving the European Bluegrass Directory away for free in order to reach a lot more people; much like a phone directory. It will be officially presented on 1-3 May 2008 at EBMA’s EWOB Festival 2008 in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands.

That is why we are looking for advertisements – an ad makes sure you will be in the mind of bluegrass people in Europe and around the world for the next two years. Our prices are reasonable (and haven’t changed for over ten years):

full page – €150
half-page – €80
quarter page – €50

Our deadline is 5 April 2008 – the earlier the better. Even if you can’t or don’t want to have an ad, perhaps you can help us with finding new advertisers. Many thanks!

Paolo Dettwiler (e-mail)