Saturday, 15 March 2008

Coastline Bluegrass Music Event, 6-8 June

The song 'Sleepy Hollow' by G2 Bluegrass Band from Sweden is the sound-track for a promotional DVD for the Third Coastline Bluegrass Music Event, which will be held at Plas Uchaf Farm, near Llandudno Junction, North Wales LL28 5PD, on 6-8 June.

The DVD shows the site and its picturesque setting looking over the Conwy estuary; photos of all members of bands taking part; and shots of the open mike stage, jam sessions, and other features of the festival. It proves that a DVD need not be an expensive technical miracle to be a completely effective promotional tool.

G2 (the current #1 European Bluegrass Band) are at the top of the bill for the Event, together with the Sons of Navarone (Belgium), Longway (Scotland), and two Appalachian dance teams, Mind the Step and Wicked Soles. The Event also has a MySpace site.