Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Europe and the origins of County Sales

Europe - and specifically the UK - was a crucial factor in launching Dave Freeman's County Sales, the premier supplier of bluegrass and old-time music records. In a major interview with Dave Freeman by the BBMA's Richard Thompson on the Bluegrass Blog, it emerges that County Sales were sending records to customers outside the US right from the start:

As a matter of fact, that is how we really got started into the business full time, by taking over supplying American country LPs to European customers for a British country music magazine (Country News & Views) that had such a service but then lost its USA supplier in Nashville. So we took over...

Country News & Views was run by the late Charles Newman of Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, and Rodney McElrea of Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Rodney McElrea - an outstanding country-music record collector - has taken part in the McAuley Lectures series at the Omagh Appalachian & Bluegrass Festival for the past few years.