Sunday, 6 January 2008

L.Bow Grease: new folk/bluegrass trio

'Singing Banjoman' Andy Glandt of Germany reports that he has joined UK-born Dave Jackson (guitar, vocals) and Guntmar Feuerstein (mandolin, vocals) to form a new trio configuration of the folk/country/bluegrass band L.Bow Grease.

Dave and Guntmar have had long careers as performers and songwriters, including hit-parade success. Their two earlier L.Bow Grease albums, Pickin’ on the porch (ruhrfolk 4003) and Greased lightning (ruhrfolk 4004), bridge the gaps between Celtic and American folk, traditional music, and modern pop. Andy is a respected international bluegrass musician and entertainer who has released eight albums under his own name and appeared on several compilations.

The new trio are scheduled to tour the USA from 25 September to 15 October 2008 and are also available for all other parts of the world. Their one-sheet flyer can be seen here. Contact:

L.Bow Grease, c/o Kopfhörer Studio, Harpener Feld 11, D-44805 Bochum, Germany; e-mail.

Andy Glandt, Emil-Wölk-Str.29, D-07747 Jena, Germany, +49-3641-331001; e-mail.