Saturday, 26 January 2008

Dan Crary on 10 years of EWOB project

Strictly Country Records has received the following message from guitar maestro Dan Crary:

Congratulations to the EWOB and the European bluegrass bands and fans for their great success in bringing bluegrass music into full bloom in Europe. If Bill Monroe were alive, he would be very proud of you.

Bluegrass music itself is richer because our European colleagues play and perform the music with great skill and inspiration. Your 10 years of EWOB CD is a magnificent project. The great mix of European and touring American artists shows that our music is international, intercultural, and powerful. In a world where it seems everyone is disagreeing or arguing, the 10 years of EWOB project is a beautiful document to show that our music brings us together across oceans and issues.


SCR adds:

If you share our European World of Bluegrass vision and would like to be a sponsor, please contact Pieter Groenveld at Strictly Country Records/ Strictly Music by e-mail. There's NO MINIMUM contribution to be a sponsor. MONDAY night, JAN 28 (USA time) is the final print deadline to add your name to this historic double CD.