Monday, 31 December 2007

Be part of bluegrass history

Pieter Groenveld and Liz Meyer of Strictly Country Records /Strictly Music, the Netherlands, have a New Year's request for all friends of European bluegrass: Become part of bluegrass history by sponsoring the new SCR compilation, 10 years of EWOB.

The double album consists of tracks by fourteen US & Canadian guests and thirty-four of Europe’s finest, including all the #1 European Bluegrass Bands from 1999 onwards, recorded at the annual European World of Bluegrass Festival. The Festival helps to nurture bluegrass bands and events all over Europe, generates tour possibilities for US bands, and - through the annual EWOB CDs - helps European bands to get airplay in the homeland of bluegrass music. Pieter points out:

The EWOB CDs are the biggest commitment Liz and I have made to giving something back that can make a difference in the music world... This double album, 10 years of EWOB, is our most significant contribution yet, and will be an important vehicle for a whole generation of bands from a continent with a wealth of great musicians. The promotional value of the 10 years of EWOB compilation for European bluegrass and EWOB will outweigh the first ten years of EWOB CDs combined.

The full text of the SCR release is here. Contributions are welcome at any time, but your name can be added to the 10 years of EWOB CD booklet only until 20 January 2008. Later sponsors can be listed in the EWOB 2008 CD booklet. Contact Pieter by e-mail or at

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