Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Tribute to Mick Larie

Thanks to Jean-Marie Redon and Sharon Cort for news, photos, and video footage of the TV tribute to the late Mick Larie, produced by Patrick Sébastien, one of the main TV producers in France.

Musicians taking part included Jean-Marie (banjo), Kathy Chiavola (guitar), Sharon Cort (guitar), Christian Séguret (mandolin), Dany Vriet (fiddle), Riquet Sere (bass), and Olivier Caste (vocals). The show was recorded on 29 August and broadcast on the France 2 channel on Saturday 1 September. Jean-Marie explains:

Mick Larie was one of Sébastien's closer collaborators for more than 15 years. They also, with time, became close friends. This is the reason why Sébastien called me and said he wants to do something special for Mick in his next TV show. He asked to have the band Long Distance Mick and myself had founded a long time ago. In the past we had made several TV shows with Sébastien, playing with some well-known artist like Sacha Distel for example. He also asked to have some US artist. My choice was naturally going to Sharon and Kathy as they were close friends with Mick.

Part of the show can be seen on internet here, together with footage of the early Long Distance band playing 'Foggy Mountain breakdown'.