Friday, 26 October 2007

German bluegrass grandparents

Helena Glandt, born 25 October 2008

Banjo-player and bandleader Andy Glandt and his wife Beate announce that yesterday their daughter-in-law gave birth to their grandchild Helena (weight 3140 gram, height 50 cm). The proud grandparents send the above photo.

Andy's other interests include his bands (Fox Tower Bluegrass Band, 3unterwegs, Piece of Cheese, and the Kralik & Glandt Trio) and his family programme, children's programme, and Wolkenkratzer programme. Contact Andy by e-mail or at +49-3641-331001, +49-172-941-3523.

Eberhard and Monika Finke of Bluegrass-Bühne magazine are expectant grandparents at present. However, they can report new contact data, as they have been given new telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Contact them at:

Eberhard and Monika Finke
Schülinstrasse 3/3
89073 Ulm, Germany
Tel. +49-731-1761770 for Monika; tel./fax +49-731-1761771 for Eberhard and Bluegrass-Bühne