Sunday, 14 October 2007

Beppe Gambetta: schedule 2007-8

Guitarist Beppe Gambetta has a busy schedule during the next three months, with four solo concerts and a residential master class in Italy during 17-20 October and 13-14 December.

He will also be playing nineteen solo concerts (as well as an 'Italian Guitar Night' with Franco Morone) and conducting three workshops during the 'Gitarre zweier welten' tour in Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Austria between Thursday 15 November and Saturday 8 December. Full details are on his website.

16th Beppe Gambetta International Workshop, 3-10 August 2008

Beppe Gambetta thanks all those who took part in the 2007 Workshop in Ambroz (Slovenia), which seems to have been one of the best yet. In response to the comments of students, further changes and improvements will be made in 2008. The program will be conducted by Beppe and Steve Kaufman (USA), and the two classes, each of fifteen students, will have alternate lessons from both teachers. Classes will be held only in the mornings, with afternoons being devoted to jamming and socialising. All details will be posted on the workshop website, which will soon be open to receive subscriptions.