Friday, 28 September 2007

Enthusiastic Reception for Rhonda Vincent in Switzerland

(Rhonda Vincent Press Release) Rhonda Vincent & The Rage introduced what Ragin' LIVE is all about; before an international audience, during the 19th Annual Country Nights Festival in Gstaad, Switzerland on September 21 and 22, 2007.

Two SOLD OUT evenings of enthusiastic International country music fans, traveled thousands of miles from many countries; including France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, and many others to join in the village wide festival.

For some it was their first exposure to bluegrass, and an impression they won't soon forget. Rhonda and her group received standing ovations and encore performances on both nights. The crowd jumped to their feet in the middle of their first show, as Hunter Berry, (a 5-time Fiddle Player of the Year at the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America) performed the title song from his new solo project "Wow Baby," and continued to pound their feet causing a great roar, as the crowd insisted on more of the song, of which Rhonda and her group obliged. This was repeated on the second night when Kenny Ingram played the "Foggy Mountain Breakdown".

"Tonight is a great night for bluegrass in Switzerland," stated Rosi Miller of the Swiss Bluegrass Music Association. "This is a landmark occasion for bluegrass music in Europe!" The organization was there with brochures and information about bluegrass music.

On their final encore performance, festival promoter Marcel Bach joined them onstage, and insisted they play "Wow Baby" once again for their final song. And the crowd went wild!

Rhonda and every member of her group, (Hunter Berry, Mickey Harris, Kenny Ingram, and Josh Williams), received a thunderous reception, and was quickly deemed the "hit of the festival" by the crowd of fans surrounding Rhonda as she greeted each one for signatures and photos after the show.

Also appearing at the festival were Riders In The Sky, Julie Roberts, and Randy Travis. The entire entourage was treated to four days of Swiss culture. Riding a roller coaster amidst a snow topped Glacier, viewing the Matterhorn, and listening to the songs of the cows, as they paraded through town decorated with flowers and bells of all sizes, shapes, and sounds.

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