Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Bluegrass workshops in Norway

The Risor Bluegrass Festival includes a three-day workshop in all the bluegrass instruments, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the festival week. This year there were more than sixty students, ranging from the young and inexperienced to well qualified band musicians.

The festival works together with Petr Brandejs from the Czech Republic in order to make this one of the best bluegrass workshop around. Petr is well known for the excellent bluegrass workshops he has organized in his homeland the last twelve years, and he brings with him some of the best European bluegrass musicians and instructors to the workshop.

Risor Bluegrass Workshops will take place again in the middle of July 2008. If you are interested, check the festival website for info. Program and workshop details should be available sometime in November 2007, and you need to sign up through the website in order to reserve your place for next year. Contact Dagfinn Pedersen by e-mail.