Monday, 13 August 2007

Bluegrass Europe, Bluegrass Buehne, Strictly Country

On 17 July Rienk Janssen (editor of Strictly Country), Eberhard Finke (editor of Bluegrass Buehne), Friedrich Hog (a well known bluegrass journalist in Germany) and Paolo Dettwiler (editor of Bluegrass Europe) met in Ulm, Germany. The meeting took place in a very positive spirit, underlining the importance of the magazines and taking steps to assure their future.

Rienk Janssen plans to continue editing Strictly Country till 2011. Eberhard Finke will continue as overall editor of Bluegrass Buehne, with Michael Zumstein of the EBMA Board taking care of design and layout. Paolo Dettwiler is prepared to continue editing Bluegrass Europe till 2011, should the EBMA Board want him to do so. Friedrich Hog will take over the duty of editing the Concert Calendar in the middle part of the three magazines.