Friday, 27 July 2007

Dobrofest 2007: a resonating success

Peter Radványi sends this message through the Dobrofest website:

Dear friends and members of the Dobro family,

I want to thank you one more time for your coming to Trnava. It was an extreme pleasure to meet you and listen to your super music. The combination of good weather, good music, and good people in audience made this year's Dobrofest real good. I believe that the late John Dopyera enjoyed the festival too. Dobrofest is over, but I hope that the dobro feelings we all have in those three festival´s days (and mostly at nights) will stay in your memory and heart forever. Don´t forget that old Dopyera´s slogan: 'Dobro means good in any language' and don´t stop to make this world better with dobro music.

THANKS to you all one more time. I wish you lot of dobro (not only in the liquid form as Dobrowitschka) wherever you are.

Resophonically yours,

Peter Radványi & all members of the Dobrofest staff

The Dobrofest lineup can be seen by clicking on the above copy of the poster. The next Dobrofest will be held at Trnava, Slovakia, in the last week of June 2008.