Friday, 8 June 2007

A new treasury of old-time banjo

Thanks to FOAOTMAD for the news that a unique double-CD set, Banjo gathering, with fifty tracks of unaccompanied old-time banjo playing has been released.

The soloists are Bruce Molsky, Mike Seeger, Cathy Fink, Brad Leftwich, John Cohen, John Herrmann, John McCutcheon, Alice Gerrard, Rafe Stefanini, David Winston, Paul Brown, Terri McMurray, Tom Sauber, Gordy Hinners, Phil Jamison, Bob Thornburg, Gail Gillespie, Brett Riggs, Dan Gellert, Joe Newberry, Scott Ainslie, Steve Baughman, and Pete Sutherland. A twenty-page booklet is included, with information about the players, their styles, their instruments, and their stories.

Banjo gathering costs $20.00. 100% of artist royalties go to the Swannanoa Gathering Scholarship Fund to provide opportunities for economically challenged musicians to spend a week every summer at the Swannanoa Gathering music camp in the hills of North Carolina. It can be bought through CDBaby, where full details are available and each of the fifty tunes can be heard.