Sunday, 10 June 2007

The Krüger Brothers plus orchestra

On 2 June the Krüger Brothers, Switzerland's gift to North Carolina, presented in Bangor, Maine, a concert entitled 'Music from the spring: a romantic serenade for banjo, guitar, bass & orchestra', with the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, the oldest community orchestra in the US.

Problems of balance of volume between the band and the orchestra were successfully overcome, according to a frank and favourable review by Judy Harrison in the Bangor Daily News. The conductor, Xiao Lu-Li, is reported as saying: 'We could have peace in the world, if the world has more Krüger Brothers.'

Brance Gillihan of the Bluegrass Blog (to whom thanks for this news) says: 'It’s always exciting to see bluegrass taken to new audiences and see the genre's base widened without sacrificing the integrity of the music's core. I think the Krüger Brothers are successfully doing so. Keep up the good work guys!'