Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Country Kitchen Revival are back!

The Country Kitchen Revival Jamgrass Band of Rome, Italy, are proud to announce that their website is online again, with:

new pictures in the news page, our old pictures, our story, something about our future, some pictures with some great ones, and we also put a page where you can entirely download for free our old CD Jamgrass plus the booklet, and also a page of Italian cooking recipes. We will update it monthly.

The first recipe is for the old Sicilian dish Fusilli coi Broccoli Arriminati (Pasta with Cauliflower Sauce). This gives Country Kitchen Revival (Edoardo Martinez, mandolin & vocal; Andrea Tarquini, guitar & vocal; Marco Pandolfi, banjo & vocal; Andrea Moneta, bass & stick bass; and Anchise Bolchi, fiddle & vocal) a strong claim to have one of the most tasteful bluegrass websites.

The original Country Kitchen formed in 1981, and their achievements include coming second in the 27th Rockygrass Band Contest in Colorado in 2001. You can also meet the band on MySpace and YouTube.