Thursday, 31 May 2007

The Wilders on Radio Free Ulm, 24 May

Plattform 'Wilders im Ulmer Zelt' with Ike Sheldon & Nate Gawron

Radio Free FM Ulm, UKW 102.6 - Thursday 24 May 2007, 16.02 to 17.25

1 Jingle, 'Plattform'
1a Dinosaur Jr., 'Been there all the time'
2 Turbonegro, 'Do you do you dig destruction'
3 Wilders, 'Kansas City star' (CD)
4 Wilders, 'Honky tonk habit' (CD)
5 Wilders, 'Intro Illerberg' (live)
6 Steve Fisher, 'Stack O’Lee'
7 Wilders, 'Seven lonely days' (live in Illerberg)
8 The View, 'Same old jeans'
9 The Hold Steady, 'Stuck between stations'
10 Wilders, 'Settin’ the woods on fire' (CD)
11 Wilders, 'Won’t you sometimes think of me' (CD)
12 Wilders, 'Too much water' (CD)
13 Wilders, 'The blues come around' (CD)
14 Wilders, 'Kansas City railroad blues' (CD)
15 Wilders, 'Belshazzar' (CD)
16 Wilders, 'Honky tonk blues' (live in the studio)
17 Wilders, 'Two dollar bill' (live in the studio)
18 Wilders, 'I’m sorry I let you down (live in the studio)
19 Wilders, 'My final plea' (live in the studio)
20 Wilders, 'Ring of fire' (live in the studio)
21 Wilders, 'Long gone daddy' (live in the studio)
22 Wilders, 'Jawbone' (CD)