Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Bluegrass in Belgium (and elsewhere)

Bluegrass in Belgium reports that Rawhide is celebrating thirty years as a band - fifteen years with the present lineup - and has given a new look to its website. You are invited to send comments or condolences to the band by e-mail. Rawhide will also be playing at the 5th Fredericia Festival in Denmark on 25-6 May.

The Sons of Navarone are booked to play the Beleuvenissen Folk Festival this year for the third time, at Vounckplein, Leuven, on 6 July. Both Rawhide and the Sons of Navarone will be playing at the EBMA's 10th EWOB Festival at Voorthuizen, the Netherlands, on 17-19 May.

For other events, see the Bluegrass in Belgium calendar. Contact Bluegrass in Belgium via e-mail.