Tuesday, 27 March 2007

International display planned at Bean Blossom

A message from Jim Peva, friend of Bill Monroe and historian of the Bill Monroe Memorial Music Park at Bean Blossom, Indiana:

Attention all bluegrass fans from outside the United States who have visited Bean Blossom:

We intend to develop an International display at the Bill Monroe Museum at Bean Blossom. If you have attended one or more of our bluegrass festivals and would like to be a part of this display, please mail a photograph of yourself, preferably not larger than snapshot size (we do not have the staff or equipment to process email photographs), stating your full name, country of citizenship, and the date or dates of your visit(s), to

Dwight Dillman
c/o Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground
5163 SR 135N, Morgantown (Bean Blossom)
IN 46160