Wednesday, 7 March 2007

IBMA's International Outreach Program Funds Available for 2007: DEADLINE APRIL 16

Over the last three years, IBMA has made financial resources available to foster the development of bluegrass music outside of the U.S. Twenty-nine grant applications have been funded during that time for a total of $50,000.00.

For 2007 the board allocated $20,000.00 in additional funds earmarked toward achieving two main goals:
  1. Use IBMA World of Bluegrass events to expose international attendees to professional development opportunities and worldwide connections in the music.
  2. Offer direct support to bluegrass professionals and organizational development efforts which foster the music's opportunities outside the USA.
Of the total allocated this year, $13,000.00 will be made available as scholarships for World of Bluegrass events (which may be used for registration fees, travel and/or accommodations), as well as other international activities which may be hosted during the convention. The remaining $7,000.00 will be available to fund new bluegrass projects which foster international cooperation and development outside the U.S. IBMA's International Outreach Program was introduced through the initiative of IBMA International Representative Paolo Dettwiler, chair of EBMA.

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