Thursday, 15 March 2007

Festival calendar on EBMA website

Thanks to Olaf Gläsmer, the EBMA website now carries an up-to-date and user-friendly list of bluegrass and old-time festivals throughout Europe during 2007. The festivals are shown in chronological order - each with its title, the town and country in which it takes place, its website address, and brief notes on important aspects.

This list, which will be kept updated, replaces a list drafted in 2004/5 as an aid to promoters and tour organisers. The new list should be a major resource for anyone interested in bluegrass and old-time music in Europe.

Olaf Gläsmer, of Magdeburg, Germany, is well known as 'the Grassroots Philosopher', guitar- and mandolin-player and singer. Olaf reminds us that for those in Germany, or interested in the German scene, Rudi Vogel, of the band BluNa, is hosting the blog Blograss (to which the European Bluegrass Blog now has a link). Rudi has been assisting the exchange of information and news on bluegrass in Germany and the rest of Europe for many years.