Friday, 9 March 2007

Bluegrass Wales website

The website Bluegrass Wales has been recently launched 'to promote an understanding and appreciation of bluegrass music and those acoustic musical traditions from which it originated, and to encourage and support the enjoyment and performance of this music in Wales'.

Bluegrass Wales also aims to promote venues where bluegrass can be played and enjoyed, to announce bluegrass events, to host workshops, and to provide technical information about performance and sound recording, instruments, and related topics.

Two of the articles already posted by Andy and Nadine Highfield are relevant to the EBMA's recent advice to bands touring Europe - 'Importing, exporting, or travelling with musical instruments: What you need to know about CITES regulations', which shows that the issue can be much more difficult and risky than you might think; and 'Hard guitar cases: Which offer the best protection?'