Friday, 23 March 2007

Banjoree 2007, 8-10 June

Veit Döhler, Andreas Benkhofer, and Reinhard Gress report that the schedule is complete for Banjoree 2007, to be held at the ESW, Hagen, Germany, on 8-10 June. Workshops in all styles of 5-string banjo playing will be presented, together with two additional guitar workshops, open-ended sessions, sale booths, and a session concert on Saturday.

Accommodation will be prepared. You can register online by filling out the form provided, and clicking on 'submit'! Workshop places are limited, and will be assigned on a 'first come, first served' basis. If a workshop is over-subscribed by the end of April, the organisers will try to offer an additional one in that field.

You can also register for Banjoree 2007 without attending a workshop. If you only want to jam, exchange your newest musical ideas, or simply meet other musicians, you need only register for accommodation and - if desired - meals. Accommodation, like workshops, should be booked before the end of April.

For further details, see the Banjoree website, which is being continually updated.